Lake Garda, one day trip

Adrian Damian
4 min readJun 13, 2017


Living in South Tirol, Lake Garda is not very far and it can be a very good solution to spend a beautiful Sunday. So, I decide to drive in the morning to Garda. I will not tell you what to visit or what to do to the lake, I’m not a tourist guide, but I will tell you how I spent a beautiful day on the lake.

I start in the morning at 9.30 o’clock. The distance from Bolzano to the north shore of the lake is about 120 km.

Being Sunday, it could be possible to be stuck in traffic on the A22 motorway because usually that time a lot of Geman and Austrian tourists are driving to the south. So, I decided to drive on the normal street.

The street carries you along the Adige River among the vineyards and apple orchards and it is very picturesque. You will pass through small villages and you will see the transition from the traditional Tyrolean architecture to the typical rural architecture of an Italian village.

So after about 2 hours, I arrived in the village of Garda. I parked the car and I went to take a short walk with the hope I will find a nice restaurant with lake view. And of course I found it. I had a small lunch and after a good espresso.

Garda, like other villages around the lake it was full of tourists. Just walking there you have the impression you are in vacation. Very nice people, the fresh lake air, the smell of Italian food, all this is making you feel good.

So after the early lunch I decide to go to the beach.

I went to the Baia delle Sirene beach. It’s not far of the Garda Village and you can find a parking place very close. I was enjoying the sun and the water.

I met some friends there so my time was very nice.
In the evening we decided to go together for dinner in the village of Lazise sul Garda. This place is 10 km south of the Garda village.

Like other villages around the lake, this is still having the old fortification walls. The small harbor, the terraces, the front lake promenade and the souvenir shops are making from Lazise a beautiful destination. It was already late in the evening and the sun was preparing to go to sleep.

The buildings on the lake front took a beautiful gold color and the people were taking pictures of that beautiful moment, it was like the celebration of the sunset.

The dinner was in a very nice restaurant. It’s name is “Cozzeria”, years ago, it was “Cozzeria alla mura” because of the proximity of the ancient walls of the city, “mura” means “wall”. We ate like every time a bruschetta and after “Coccio di cozze al vino bianco, prezzemolo e aglio” — mussels with white wine, parsley and garlic. I would recommend this restaurant because of his friendly service and wonderful dishes.

Coccio al vino bianco, prezzemolo e aglio

After the dinner, going back to take the car, I ate a very good vanilla ice cream. It was late in the night, I took the car and I drove home. My soul was full of beauty. So I spent my day to the lake, such a wonderful place.

The End